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Accomplishments of Poet, Visual Artist, Musician, KuyDelair

The Excellency Grant
Academic research and Art practice:
Université du Québec à Montréal

Lead conferences and workshops
Chu van An (Hanoi, Vietnam)
Lorraine University (Nancy, France)
Nanyang University (Singapore, Asia) 
Alliance Française FIAF (New York City, USA)

Refugee camps (London, UK)

High Schools (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

She has published 2 books:
“Lady Death Aborted Chant”
“The Green Moon Kiss”

The Grand Palais (Paris, France)
Place des Arts (Montreal, Canada)

The 80th St. Residence (New York City, USA)
The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (Brooklyn, New York)
Médiathèque Municipal Library (La Garenne-Colombes, France)

KuyDelair is actively involved at the Cognacq-Jay Hospital in Paris, France. Ms. Delair is working with a special team of, Neuropsychiatrists, and Physiotherapists. She with Martina Niernhaussen, lead a special project of Neuro Music Art Therapy, in orthopedic rehab. She has also worked in the autism departments with palliative care, and now she has made her presence known in Cancerology.

While in Paris, France, Mr. Alexander attended a performance exhibition at the GALERIE NIVET-CARZON, where he met KuyDelair, and she gave him a Green Moon Kiss, and the rest is history. Voilà !

photography courtesy of Léa Barrier

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