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                                    Lynne Charnay
                                     Singer / Actor
At 92 years young, Lynne Charnay is still celebrating life and love. Ms. Charnay is the protege of the wonderful American composer and lyricist Jerry Herman (Hello Dolly). She has appeared in five Broadway shows, including Julia, Jake & Uncle Joe (1961),  John Kandor's first Broadway musical, A Family Affair (1962), The Sunday Man (1964), The Inspector General (1978), and The Grand Tour (1979). Over the decades she has appeared in more off-Broadway and regional productions and revues. She has also been performing in cabaret rooms in New York City for over thirty years. "Lynne Charnay is perfection!" John S. Wilson, The New York Times, and as Rex Reed once said, "You learn something valuable in her presence."
Joseph Alexander is working with producers for a new ballet musical
starring Lynne Charnay and Edward Morgan.
                                     Andrea Elmore
From Colombia, South America where dancing is part of the everyday culture. Now in New York City with TheEdwardMorganBallet. She has trained in the company’s difficult syllabus under the close eye of  Morgan. Working hard, and dedicating herself to this new repertoire gave her successful performances which has advanced her to soloist!
                                  Gayrleen Orange
                                     Singer / Actor

A Haitian performer that impressed Mr. Morgan with her haunting operatic style. Starting out in the Dominican Republic at the Drums Institute in Santiago, then moving to the Culture and Art Institute, also in the Republic. Morgan placed her in the Mass For The Ballet where she brought audiences to tears. She is currently working with Morgan on a new theatre piece where she will play the chanting medicine chanteuse.
   Helen Waite
Actor / Administrative Assistant
Bio to follow
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